Terms And Agreements

Terms And Agreements

Terms And Agreements


Please read carefully to know your rights for any use cases.

Artboard Studio Licenses

1. Premium and Free Projects Differences:

If you have not subscribed to any of our monthly/yearly plans, our premium items will be locked for you.

In order to unlock them you either need to upgrade your project to a premium project with a one time payment, or you may choose to subscribe to one of our plans.

2. Personal and Commercial Licenses Differences:

To put it in a nutshell, if you are earning money out of anything created in and exported from Artboard Studio, you need a commercial license. If you are creating a design for only personal purposes (money does not change hands), our free personal license is suitable for you. See the the examples below for some sample use cases. Commercial licenses are per product/service you are selling, in other words, you can export multiple projects for 1 commercial product/service and still you would only need 1 commercial license.

2.1. Only our monthly/yearly subscription and other paid plans will grant you commercial license. Free users will only be granted personal licenses.

We have an affordable licensing system. Checkout our pricing page here.