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Flying Two Hardcover Catalog Mockup (8.5x11 in)

Flying Hardcover Catalog Mockup (8.5x11 in)

Magazine Backcover Mockup (8.5x11 in)

Hardcover Catalog Mockup Front View (7x10 in)

Perspective Open Hardcover Book Mockup (5.25x8 in)

Softcover Book Half Open (5,25x8 in)

Softcover Book Front View (7,5x75 in)

Softcover Book Left View (7,5x75 in)

Softcover Book Right View (7,5x75 in)

Softcover Open Book with Clips (4.25x6.87 in)

Hard Cover Book Stack

Perspective Open Softcover Magazine Mockup (8.5x11 in)

Magazine Mockup Curved Page 10x8)

Softcover Book Back Cover (10x8)

Softcover Book Front Cover (10x8)

Stacked Hardcover Catalog Mockup (7x10 in)

Softcover Book Back Cover (10x7)

Softcover Book Front Cover (10x7)

Stacked Magazine Mockup (8x10,875)

Magazine Mockup Curved Page (8x10,875)

Magazine Mockup Curved Page (8x10,875)

Open Softcover Book (5x8 in)

Softcover Book Back Cover (5x8 in)

Softcover Book Front Cover (5x8 in)

Softcover Book Back Cover (5,25x8 in)

Softcover Book Front Cover (5,25x8 in)

Open Softcover Book (5,25x8 in)

Softcover Book Back Cover (5,5x8,5 in)

Softcover Book Front Cover (5,5x8,5 in)

Back of Open Softcover Book (5,5x8,5 in)

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Design an eye-catching book mockup with Artboard Studio's online mockup generator. Then effortlessly increase your book sales.


Book covers are just as valuable as the content, because most readers often judge books by their covers.The overall design can influence the book buying process. Although we say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, at the end of the day we usually choose the book with the most exciting cover. Of course, authors, publishers, and other industry leaders know this. That's why they care about book covers and promotional efforts. Even better? A photo-realistic book mockup helps you immensely in making a perfect first impression.


To make sure your design attracts attention, you should visualize it in a unique way. In today's digital world, people research about products online first and want to see realistic effects of the product. So a book mockup is the best solution. Check out Artboard Studio and try the book mockup generator. We're sure that you and your potential customers will be thrilled with the results.

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Try your free book mockup on different displays


Even if you're not ready to publish your book yet, book mockups are a perfect addition to your branding kit. This way, you can get an idea of how different designs that are important to your brand image will look on different displays. You never know until you try all the options.


Show off your talents to your customers and impress them with your skills. We've created hundreds of book mockups and collected many templates that you can use to make your presentation impressive. This will make it easier for you to express yourself to your customer in a short time. Many authors will love to use these designs to promote their books and thus increase the sales of their books.


Customizable mockups


Artboard Studio's book cover mockups are perfect for you and also for your customers. You can find a free book mockup that fits the book genre. Plus, you can easily personalize them with a few clicks. Whatever your customers want to see, you can make it happen with our online mockup generator.


Even before you physically hold the book in your hands, you can design a cover for it using our book mockup templates. So go to your account and choose from our tastefully designed mockups to show what kind of designer you're.