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Finally a simple app with super-powers

Vector, image, audio and video all in one. Combine all assets you need to make amazing content in the browser. Experience the lightning-fast and smooth design creation.

Design it your way, make it move

  • Infinite canvas

    An open space to work with all of your assets together

  • Timeline and keyframes

    Create amazing motion graphics with an easy to use timeline editor

  • Render at lightning speed

    Render your animation right in the browser without waiting in queues

  • Work with video and audio

    Import your video and audio files, preview in real-time and render

  • Auto layout system

    No more manual resizing, change artboard size, rearrange magically

  • Draw and animate shapes

    Create vector based graphics and animate them as you want

  • notebook.webp
    Animate on path

    Move any object along a vector path in a few clicks

  • Gradients and patterns

    Effortlessly create and animate gradients and patterns

  • Advanced text features

    Place text on any path, upload and work with custom fonts

  • Smart objects

    Duplicate unlimited smart objects, change one, update all instances

  • Pallet generator

    Pick a color and generate color variations with one click

  • Import various formats


  • Warp and perspective

    Manipulate the shape of images and videos with control points

  • Transform and blend effects

    Clone, transform and blend objects to create amazing visuals

This is a designer movement

As a graphic designer, add motion to your skillset. Animate whatever you create and tell your story in a magical way with Artboard Studio.

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