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Create branded Instagram posts

Start from scratch or pick a template. Easily create branded Instagram posts with your brand assets, videos, images or vectors.

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Content creation for pro creatives

  • Infinite canvas

    Design your entire content in one infinite space easily

  • Animate anything

    Advanced timeline and keyframes to create any animation you want

  • Work with all assets

    Bring your all videos, images, audio or vector files to design

  • Auto layout system

    No more manual resizing, change artboard size, rearrange magically

Start with an Instagram post template

  • Artboard Studio
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  • Artboard Studio

How to post on Instagram?

After you create your content with Artboard Studio, you can easily share the video or image with your phone. After you get your content to phone, open Instagram app and share as reel or post.

  • Tap “+” icon in Instagram app
  • Choose the video or image that you created with Artboard Studio
  • Type your caption or hashtags
  • You can choose location or tag friends or accounts
  • And finally share it
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How to add music to Instagram post?

Once you upload the video, you can choose any music from Instagram library. If you have a business account you will have access to only limited library without license. But if you have a personal license, you can choose any music from any artist.

Artboard Studio also supports MP3 imports, so if you have a video or animation, you can put the sound in the artboard and export it with audio.

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When is the best time to post on Instagram?

The best time for posting on Instagram completely depends on your followers. Based on your followers location you can make a decision. Also Instagram always cares about recency, be sure you share content regularly. The universal best time for sharing content is approximately 11 AM on Wednesday. Do not prefer to post on weekends most probably your followers are not on their phones.