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Perspective Greeting Card Mockup

Pointed Flap Monarch Envelope (98x190mm) Black

Wrinkled Old Vintage Postcard Mockup

Torn Old Vintage Postcard Mockup

Stack Of Blank Old Vintage Postcard Mockup

A6 Greeting Card Mockup

Greeting Card and Envelope Mockup

Greeting Cards Mockup

Greeting Cards Mockup

Greeting Card and Envelope Mockup

Envelope and Postcard

Horizontal A6 Postcard Mockup (5,85x4,15)

A5 flat Postcard Mockup (8,25x5,85)

Rock Card Mockup (3,65x8,50)

A6 Spicy Postcard Mockup (5,85x4,15)

A5 Front Postcard Mockup (8,25x5,85)

Front A6 Postcard Mockup (5,85x4,15)

Angled A5 Postcard Mockup (8,25x5,85)

Tissue Paper Package

Gift Package Mockup

Letter (216x279 mm) White Paper

Folded Card A6 (118x159 mm) Black

Regular #6 Envelope (92x165mm) Kraft

Regular #6 Envelope (92x165mm) White

Regular #10 Envelope (105x241mm) Black

Regular #10 Envelope (105x241mm) Kraft

Regular #10 Envelope (105x241mm) White

Remittance 6 1/4 Envelope (89x152mm) Kraft

Remittance 6 1/4 Envelope (89x152mm) White

Booklet 6x9" Envelope (152x229mm) Black

Create A Postcard Mockup in Minutes

Use Artboard Studio's postcard mockup for more effective communication with your audience or family. 

Are postcards dead? Even in the digital world, postcards are still one of the most sincere means of communication. Plus, they can be used for more purposes than you might think. For example, you can use them to promote an event or to market your products and services. On a special occasion, you can remind your loved ones that you miss them with an impactful postcard. 


Personalized free postcard mockup templates

You know how great it's when you have a great creative flow and everything goes by itself? But you may also have noticed how quickly you can go from flow to frustration when you remember other designs that need to be done. We know that designing a postcard mockup for each family member is a daunting task. Why don't you choose mockups created by a professional team? We're sure that you can find different designs that fit each person's personality or brand identity. This way, you'll save time and always be in work balance.

However, creating a postcard mockup isn't just about using photos and words — many things need to be considered if you'll use it for your brand. Ask these questions before you finalize it:

Is the card appropriate for its target audience?

  • Does the message come across as friendly or formal?
  • Should the font be bold or subtle?
  • Should a map of the location be included?

Give a warm start

Are you promoting your business? Looking for a fun way to send an invitation to your new exhibit? Then create a postcard mockup that reflects your style and provides information. Here's why. First, they're a heartfelt way to make an announcement. Along with a coffee and a rose vase, your postcard provides a warm start to your announcement. And the other thing? You'll increase engagement on your social media after posting it. Also, when you send your design via email, it looks authentic even though your design is a digital card.


Time efficient tool

Using an online mockup generator is much easier than you think. Especially with the help of our postcard mockup generator. We have thousands of mockups and templates in our library. Choose a pre-ready mockup and customize it to make it your own. Plus, you don't have to spend hours working on a design. In a few minutes, you'll have your own. We're not done yet! You can sign up for free on our platform and use various free design elements.

By the way, in our extensive library, you can find various designs for anything, such as card mockups. So, forget about using expensive and challenging tools. You can design with Artboard Studio in any place of your choice. Let's start designing!