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Clipboard Menu Mockup

Business Card ISO 216 (74x52mm) White

Coffee Shop Packaging Mockup

Kraft Tube Mockup

Kraft Tube Mockup

Cardboard Tubes Mockup

Envelope String Tie Black

Envelope String Tie Kraft

Envelope String Tie White

Paper Tube Cap Mockup

Kraft Paper Tube Mockup

Tape Piece Mockup

Tape (7,2 cm) Mockup

Tape (5 cm) Mockup

Tape (7,2 cm) Mockup

Tape (5cm) Mockup

Letter (216x279 mm) White Paper

Letter (216x279 mm) White Paper

Business Card US Canada (88.9x50.8mm) White

Business Card US & Canada (88.9x50.8mm) White

Business Card US & Canada (88.9x50.8mm) White

Business Card US Canada (88.9x50.8mm) Black

Business Card US Canada (88.9x50.8mm) Kraft

Business Card US Canada (88.9x50.8mm) White

Business Card European (85x55mm) Black

Business Card European (85x55mm) Kraft

Increase Your Business Value with a Free Branding Mockup

Create your own branding mockup in minutes with Artboard Studio and increase the value of your business.

If you want to increase the value of your brand, you need to play your cards carefully. Why? Every step you take affects the buying decisions of your customers and investors.

Developing professional branding mockups is a critical task for any business because branding mockups help visually convey your product design ideas to investors, customers, or employees. Therefore, they're fantastic visual marketing elements.

Who needs an actual product to have stunning photos? These days, you can create whatever you want with digital branding mockups—and in just minutes! We have amazing designs for everything, from comic mockups to menu mockups, bottle mockups, mug mockups and print mockups.


Create a positive brand experience

What's the point of simply displaying a logo? If you use it on a mug or a book, your brand becomes even more effective. This is how you add value to your brand. This whole process creates a positive brand experience for both the users and the owner. When you include a digital branding mockup into your design, your customers can get an idea of what they are going to get. It's so much easier than hiring a photographer every time.

The work you put into your design is critical to creating a positive brand experience, strengthening your brand, and increasing your perceived value. However, as simple as it may seem, creating a free branding mockup can also have an impact on your brand awareness. If not designed or edited properly, branding mockups can give the impression that the brand behind the product is incompetent and unreliable.

With impressive branding mockups, you can create an effective first impression of your brand. Therefore, you need to ensure that you create the best possible digital branding mockup that will impress your users and gain their trust. High-quality visuals always amaze your audience. This will increase the value and awareness of your brand. 


The do’s of branding mockups

Things to keep in mind while designing your project with an online mockup generator. We’re sure your customers will see how it looks from all sides.

  • Make sure your brand logo is visible in all your branding mockups, so users can easily recognize your product.
  • Use the reflection on your product wisely because it influences how good or bad your brand identity will look in still images.
  • Bring out small but essential features in your brand identity mockup.


The don’ts of branding mockups

  • Don't use too much of your brand in the product. Users may find it an imposition.
  • Don't promote non-quality products. It also affects your brand identity.
  • Don't use product mockups if you don't have a physical one.
  • Don't use too many images because it confuses users who want to learn about your product. 
  • Don't forget to insert thumbnails and shadows.

Understand the world of branding mockups? Let's create one! You can design your next mockups with no effort by getting help from Artboard Studio. You'll find many mockup templates that are suitable for your business from our extensive library. Whether you customize them or start from scratch.

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