Artboard Studio Careers

Artboard Studio Careers

Core values:

Curiosity & Creativity


People are at the core of every great decision, every hard path taken, and every dream come true. Equipped with the power of curiosity and creativity, they take upon great challenges and devise great solutions. As a design-oriented startup, we strongly believe that Artboard Studio should ignite & sustain this curiosity & creativity at every step. Whether it's the new product roadmap or a self-improvement path, we are there with the people we choose to work with.



Let's Shape the future of digital marketing design


From ideation all the way to production, we aim to build the ultimate online design tool for marketing designers, advertising agencies, and social media marketers. We are on a path to provide them with a starting point where they can create a mood board, an infinite canvas where they can easily collaborate with all stakeholders, a smart system that automatically generates sizes and variations by connecting the dots via data sources, and finally, launch multiple campaigns where they can measure and optimize the design versions that work better according to desired KPIs.




Job Openings


Engineering (full remote)