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What is a Mockup?

A must for designers everywhere, read on to discover what a mockup is and the value of mockup templates and mockup items in creating exceptional designs.

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A mockup is a model of your design, giving a strong indication of how the finished item will look. For example, if you've designed a logo, your mockup will show how that logo will look on a flyer, website, promotional material, packaging, or anywhere else you may feel it would be utilized. 

Mockups don't just show your proposed design, advanced mockups can also show your design in context. For example, if you've designed a logo, a mockup might show how it would look on a flag at a tradeshow, or on packaging surrounded by appropriate mockup items (accessories). An example might be packaging for plant-based cosmetics, surrounded by plants, a candle, rural views, or some other relevant imagery that conveys the impression the logo is meant to encapsulate.

It's important for both designer and client that mockups are as accurate as possible. The aim is to give clients an accurate idea of how their product will look, including how the packaging complements the messages they're trying to convey.


What are Designer Mockups?

Whilst some designers are incredibly skilled at creating mockups from graphics design software, others prefer the convenience that comes with using mockup generation software. Mockups for designers can be easily put together using mockup templates. These have several advantages over graphic design.

  • Fast results. When you use a mockup template, the structure of the mockup is already in place. You just need to fill in the relevant information to customize it to your specific designs.
  • Nothing gets left out. Mockup software takes you through the data that's needed to create an accurate, high-grade mockup in a logical, organized manner. It ensures that every aspect of the design has been captured.
  • A convenient method of mockup creation. Using an appropriate piece of software ensures you have fast, straightforward access to the package you need to create premium mockups.
  • Versatility. Whether you want to create a mockup for a magazine, a website, business cards, or a T-shirt, the right mockup software lets you do all these things without the need to switch programs or look elsewhere.
  • Consistent standards. Using a professional mockup template ensures that every design that you create is showcased in a mockup that's consistently high-quality. Given how important the caliber of the mockup is to client satisfaction, it makes sense to ensure it's as good as it possibly can be.

If you want to showcase your designs wonderfully well, mockup software is the perfect solution. Take a look at the options available at Artboard Studio to find out more about the advantages that using premium mockup software can bring to you and your clients.

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