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How to Use and Create T-shirt Mockups?

Making a t-shirt mockup is easier than you think. The good news is, you can create a t-shirt mockup without Photoshop. See how.

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Let's say you're creating your own clothing brand. After you're done with finalizing your first designs, it's time to present your designs to your users and start selling your very first products. At this point, you'll need to attract new customers by showcasing your items in the most eye-pleasing way possible. You can either do a photoshoot that comes with a price tag of a photographer, editor, and a model, or you can create mockups for your clothing designs to let your customers see how your products would look when worn by someone. Especially if you’re looking for the easier way, the second option should be a no-brainer— specifically for smaller brands trying to be as efficient as possible.

So, how to get started with your mockups, then? If you have a decent amount of knowledge and experience in Photoshop or any other image editing software, you can use it to create your mockup. All you have to do is pick the photographs you want to showcase your design with and integrate your design into those pictures in a realistic way, but still, you’ll need high-quality stock mockups that fit your brand image. Make sure the quality of the photographs you picked is high enough to match your design's image quality to create a believable end product. If you're a Photoshop expert, here is not the place to learn how to create a realistic mockup since you'd probably know what to do. But we have a shortcut for you that you don’t even need to launch an image editing software.

With Artboard, you won't need any kind of Photoshop expertise to create mockups for your brand. Also, you can pick whatever works best for your brand among numerous free mockups. The mockup templates Artboard offers don’t end with clothing; digital mockups, posters, bottles, boxes, packages, bags, and many more are available for your use. And believe it or not, all these are done through your browser, so you won't need to download any additional software or design files to your computer. You can now sign up to Artboard Studio for free and make a t-shirt mockup within seconds!


Making a T-shirt Mockup without Photoshop

Before beginning your t-shirt mockup preparation process, you should first sign up to Artboard Studio. It’s completely free to start with, and you won’t need to add any payment information to create your mockups. After creating your account or signing up with your Google or Facebook account, you will be redirected to the Artboard cloud application that runs on your browser. Then, you can let your imagination run and easily create your brand mockups.


Pick a suitable template

After logging in, you'll find yourself on your 'Projects' page. From there, you have several options. You can start by watching the Artboard tutorial video to have an overview of the essentials of the Artboard Studio, you can create a blank project and work on it, or you can find a template for your project. Since it's what you're here for, click on the 'Start With Templates' button located at the upper left corner to look through the free templates Artboard has to offer. Here, you will be presented with tons of free template categories and options to choose from. Then you can simply do a search to find t-shirt templates or click on 'Apparel Mockups' to display the options for clothing mockups for products like hoodies, t-shirts, bags, and more. Find the one that suits your design the best, and get on to integrating your design into it.


Add your design

After choosing the template you're going to use, it's time to add your design to the mockup you picked. But before starting, it's best to get acquainted with the interface and get familiar with Artboard's tools. You can see the template's layers on the right side of the page. Most of the templates have some additional filters or items, such as the rope and the latch piece used for display. And if you're here just for making a mockup, you won't need to edit any layer other than the one that includes the t-shirt design. In the image below, you can see that the 'Hanging T-Shirt Front Mockup' layer is the one you're going to import your design.

Then, you can click on the little arrow button on the left side of the small layer image to display the items this layer holds. This layer, in particular, has a customizable label design, color, and t-shirt design. Before importing your design, you can pick the color you want for your mockup. Also, you can add your branding to the t-shirt's label. To individually edit these items, you just need to double click on the part you want to edit and customize it however you like.

To add your design to the mockup template, just double click on the 'Your Design' item. A new tab that displays the texts and images on the t-shirt design will appear. First, you can delete the placeholders to have a clear sight. Then, you can just drag your design image from your computer and drop it on the empty layer at the centre of your page.

Or, you can use the buttons on the left side of the page to add a shape, text-box, filters or stock images to your design. There are hundreds of free fonts in Artboard, so feel free to check them out! You can find something just perfect for your brand.



Final touches

After adding your design image to the template, you can explore the additional options located under the 'Layers' panel. 'Object Settings' lets you edit your image's position, scale, angle, and opacity. Under the 'Advanced Settings' tab, you can find various visual effects you can add to your image to customize it further to fit the mockup you made. And under the 'Customize Image' tab, you can find Artboard's built-in image editor and background remover.

When you're done with editing your design, you can simply close the tab from the top of the editing screen's frame, and you'll be back to your project. If you have no additional customization to make, you can export your project either as a JPEG or PNG image or as a PSD (Photoshop Document) that lets you externally edit your design using Photoshop.


How to Use T-Shirt Mockups?

Well, your mockups are ready! And since they are the best way to display your great designs, you create many different use cases for them. For starters, your e-commerce website, online shop, or e-commerce application is the perfect place for them. Social media is also another channel you can use your mockups to drive interest for your brand and gain customers. The mockups don’t have to stay on digital channels either. You can use them in your product catalogues, banners, flyers, advertisements, or even billboards.

So as you can see, the highly compatible nature of mockups allows you to use them wherever you want. And Artboard offers you the best opportunity to create your mockups without trying to learn new software or spend any more of your budget to showcase your products. Sign up to Artboard Studio now for free, and make your designs come to life!

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