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How to Choose the Right Mockup for Free?

Finding the most suitable mockup for your design project doesn’t have to take hours anymore; we’ve got a great solution for you that you can find and apply free mockups of all kinds.

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How to Choose the Right Mockup?

There are many lifesavers in the large field of design, and mockups are one of the first that comes to mind. They make everything so easy, and with the right choices, they can save you a lot of time, resources, and money. Whether you’re in the graphic design area and need to show the logos you’ve created in a more remarkable way or a retailer without experience in design who’s trying to find the most reasonable way to showcase your product designs, mockups come to the rescue. Mockups offer the fastest and easiest shortcut to make your products and designs look cool, but the big challenge is finding the proper mockup that fits your brand identity and looks professional. Everybody wants their end products to look as authentic as possible, right? In this article, we will tell you about our online design studio that has an integrated free mockup catalog in which you can find the most suitable mockup for any kind of project. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s real!


Steps to Choose the Right Mockup

Mockups come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Blank backgrounds, textured mockups, phone-in-hand mockups, and more. To choose the right mockup for your project, you need to follow three simple steps:


Background check

You don’t want your mockup background to steal the highlight from your product. In most cases, minimalistic backgrounds work the best, but don’t forget that going all-white may be too minimal that your design might seem unprofessional. Find the perfect balance that highlights your product. Creating color contrast with the background seems like the quickest way to go.


Consider the sizing

One thing that many designers seem to ignore is the look of the real product compared to the mockup. If you’re selling a physical product and creating a mockup scene for your e-commerce store, you should always consider how your products look in real life before choosing the right mockup. Yes, the mockups should be as close as the real deal. For example, if you’re creating a poster mockup scene for an A3 poster, you don’t want to choose a mockup that looks bigger on the wall.


Do you need a “human touch”?

Human elements in the mockup scenes like hands or people are risky territory for mockup generation, but if going as humane as possible is in your brand strategy, why not? Using hands in your mockups seems the safest way to go if you need a warmer-looking design, but whole bodies almost always look unprofessional. For example, if you’re creating t-shirt mockups, you should choose a t-shirt in a hanger instead of a worn t-shirt to look more professional.


Where to Find Free Mockups?

The world wide web is full of free mockups of all kinds; t-shirt mockups, business card mockups, book mockups, poster mockups… But as we mentioned above, finding high-quality and free mockups are the real challenge. If you’ve been wandering into the depths of the search engines for free mockups, today might be the day things turn around.

Searching for free mockups can quickly turn into a long and painful, and in many cases, risky process—that’s why there are many professional and paid mockup generators out there. What if we told you there’s a way that’s both risk-free, super-fast, and costs nothing?


Choosing the Right Mockup Doesn’t Have to Take Too Long

You can sign up to Artboard Studio and search for hundreds of free mockup templates, edit them in your browser, tinker with layers, add texts & shapes, and export them to your computer. Browse away in our free mockup library, choose it, and finish your project within minutes! As we said, it all happens on your browser! With Artboard Studio, you can create the most professional-looking mockups without Photoshop or any other software, and that’s only the beginning.


Free, professional mockups are real!

You don’t have to get lost in tens of browser tabs to find the perfect mockup anymore. Here at Artboard Studio, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been in the design world, you must have come across our free mockup generator on communities like Figma, but the real treasure lies in Artboard Studio. Don’t worry—it’s free!

Once you sign in to your Artboard Studio, you’ll see a Photoshop-esque interface that lets you access all of the basics of graphic design, and on the left menu, you can search hundreds of free mockups that are waiting to be used in your projects.


An ever-growing mockup library

In the Add Items menu, you’ll see categories of print mockups, apparel mockups, electronic mockups, packaging mockups, and more. Here, you can browse away all of the free and premium mockups for your remaining and next projects and collect your favorite mockups in a folder. If you don’t have time, you can type your keywords on the search menu and find the best mockup that fits your project.

Artboard Studio’s mockup library grows every week with designer-made mockup templates, but if free mockups we offer aren’t enough for you, you can reach all of our professionally-created mockups and templates with a subscription, so you don’t have to pay for each ready-made mockup every time.


Meet Your New Mockup Generator

Although we are popular with our variety of free and premium mockup catalogs, our strong hand is the cloud-based design studio that supports all of the basics you need on the go: layers, hundreds of free fonts, shape editors, free mockup generator, backgrounds, and social media templates. As a team of designers, we know how challenging it gets to create even the simplest designs and mockups on the go, and we developed Artboard Studio to give designers a tool they can reach from any desktop operating system, whenever they need.

As a cloud-based design studio, Artboard Studio works on any browser, so it’s multi-platform. Whether you’re on Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for Artboard Studio’s free plan to see how much you can achieve without downloading any software on your device.

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