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Free Fonts to Create Designs with Professional Vibes!

Find the best free fonts for logo design, social media, and more on our blog post. The best part is, you don’t have to download anything!

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Gone are the days that you needed a font generator or searched for free fonts that would require you to download fonts manually. Today,  we live in a more connected and convenient world where graphic design tools offer it all for you to shape the tone of your graphic design projects in the most tailored way. Lose not a second more and dive into the world of free fonts that will help you masterfully shape your voice on social media!


Hundreds of Free Fonts Await You, and You Don’t Even Need to Be An Expert On Graphic Design!

Graphic design is gradually becoming an area where even beginners and fresh enthusiasts need quick and professional-looking solutions. In a world where social media is the foremost means to get your voice heard and where no one wants to turn the “sounds on” while checking their Instagram feeds, every post is getting some type of written text over it not to be missed out in the crowd. This is where the importance of choosing the right fonts comes in! And when trying to keep up with the pace of this fast-moving world, there is no time for font generators, but a need and inclination towards using free fonts that help you create a professional vibe. Also… Pretty please, don’t limit our options. Give us hundreds of free fonts if you can!


Choosing The Right Font For Your Social Media Project is Everything!

Fonts are to texts, what clothes are to people: they create a sense of “style,” give an identity and leave a lasting impression. In the world of social media design or graphic design in general, choosing the right font for the right type of project is essential. And for this purpose, finding free fonts that will help you out in your designing endeavors will always have to be among your priorities.

Here are a number of free fonts that might help you get inspired to develop your own special tone in the world of design and social media. Picking the right one among countless social media fonts can actually be easy!



One of the free fonts you can find is Belleza. Belleza has this Italian vibe to it… It’s either a high fashion brand that creates intricately detailed, designer clothes with superb materials. Or maybe a fine dining restaurant that serves the best wines, aside from the most delicious Italian pizza you can find, in a dark decor, chosen to intimidate people into giving the sense that “this experience you have here… is something expensive”. And who doesn’t like luxury? Maybe, for a luxurious, Italian vibe, use the free font Belleza in your social media posts to leave this specific impression on your followers. Belleza as an Instagram font could be a good pick.



Image Source: Font Squirrel

The Bungee font family is one of the lifesavers when it comes to social media design. With its inline, outline, and hairline versions, the Bungee font family lets you create hierarchial visuals within the same font family.



Bragging the words “digital age” and “futurism” may not be ideal to create visuals; there are fonts for it! Geo, one of the free fonts from Google Fonts Library, fits perfectly when you’re trying to give a retro-futuristic look to your designs.


Major Mono Display

Image Source: Emre Parlak

Minimalism is here to stay, but it’s 2022, and you always need a twist. Major Mono display is a lifesaver for social media design with its minimalistic yet full-of-presence style. If you are looking for a free font that needs to grab attention, Major Mono Display won’t leave you unsatisfied. The best part is, it’s free to use on Artboard Studio!



Another free Instagram font you can use while creating your posts is Almendra. Almendra has this either witchy-superstitious or on the way to another end, dark metal vibe to it. You either are going to create a post that leaves an “otherworldly” impression, taking us to the “dark side,” or be welcoming your followers to the next Blind Guardian concert set up in a gothic scene. Who knows? Other than you, of course.



The last free font we are going to introduce you to is Carattere. Now this one is almost a calligraphy font in which the connections between letters might make you ask… “what is it that is written in there?”. Uh… We can’t say we know it exactly either, but we do believe that if this is the tone you need for your project, you and your audience will see the way around to receiving your message.


Artboard Studio is Here To Assist You On Your Graphic Design Journey

Artboard Studio is here to help you lift the heavyweight of professional graphic design knowledge off of your shoulders, and yes, you don’t ever have to search for free fonts ever again—Artboard Studio has it all! From the true masters of graphic design to the small e-commerce retailers who are also enthusiasts of the magical world of artistry, Artboard Studio offers a hand that will help a wide range of its users.

With ready to create templates that range from Facebook banners to Instagram posts, Twitter cover images, Pinterest-promoted pin posts to even Fiverr gig cards, Artboard Studio is lending you a hand in the world of social media and graphic design.

Now, you will be able to instantly come up with a design that will meet your needs without any requirement of a software download. Artboard Studio is a cloud-based platform that provides you with every tool you need to create the superbly professional-looking creative image projects you need—adding to the freedom you have as you work with a cloud-based service that doesn’t require you to download any software to your devices.

Graphic design for social media in the most professional vibe you can find was never achieved this easy!

Wait no more! Join us and make your graphic design dreams come true.

Happy creating!

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