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Cool Fonts to Use in Social Media Design

Finding a cool and free font for social media designs can be challenging. Well, not anymore. See our top fonts for social media design in our article!

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Artboard Studio’s Top Fonts for Social Media Design

Have you ever picked a book just because its cover was “flashy”? Or maybe you bought a t-shirt because its text was “funky”? Well, you’re not the only one because what appeals to the eye, appeals to the mind. Welcome to the magical world of fonts, where you can drop the finishing touch on your graphic design.

Content is a whole, and a good design is what makes it presentable. Catching the eye of the consumer is becoming the breakeven point for brands. Especially in social media, visually appealing content can make a huge difference, because a post can reach thousands in a couple of minutes. That’s why brands prioritize designing their social media posts. But, a good design is not all about colors, pictures, or photographs. No, it’s also about having cool fonts that can attract consumers.

Choosing the right font for your social media design is about defining the tone of your voice and representing your brand personality. Social media is a fast-pacing environment and no one pays attention to dull, monotone fonts that scream “I’m boring!” to the consumer. In fact, an MIT study shows that fonts do impact our social media engagement. On platforms like Instagram, people spend very little time on a single post and you need to make use of cool Instagram fonts to grasp the attention you need on social media.

So, what is a cool font? It depends on what kind of message you’re trying to convey. If you’re introducing a fashionable product that appeals to higher-end consumers, you should go for an elegant font that matches the classy nature of your product. On the other hand, if you need your post to speak to a younger audience, you should try a bold and fun font that emits vivid energy. Here are some picks for your social media posts.


Our Top Font Picks for Social Media Design

Artboard Studio offers a variety of fonts to allow you to pick the best font for your needs. Since there is an abundance of fonts at our disposal, we picked some of the most eye-catching cool fonts to give you an idea.



Damion is a script-type font that harbors elegance and sincerity at the same time. It creates a sense of seriousness and trust for your consumers while giving a little nod to the edgy character of your brand. If you’re aiming for a graceful tone on social media, Damion would definitely push your designs into that direction.



Are you looking for a more simplistic font to go with your design? Then, Montserrat might be just what you need. It’s a minimalistic but classy sans serif font and can be very effective when used accurately. If you're the type of person who prefers natural chic, Montserrat will enrich your social media design.


Playfair Display

For designers that enjoy being straightforward with their design, Playfair Display might be the one. It’s a serif-type font that keeps the artistic level of your text humble while keeping a discreet approach. Social media posts don’t always have to be juicy and flashy, sometimes less is more.



Maybe you’re on the more fun side of the spectrum and would like to represent a bold character with your designs. Then, Coiny is the address you’re looking for. Its bold and fun characterization might bring an energetic touch to your design.



Kalam is the font that melts entertainment and elegance in the same pot. It’s a serif font that is versatile on many levels and has the potential to go with a variety of your social media posts. If you’d like to take on a safer route for your social media design, Kalam can keep you on the right track.


Walter Turncoat

Do you want to try something edgy, fresh, and decorative? Well then, Walter Turncoat is your new best friend. It certainly has a little juvenile characteristic to it and that’s a good thing because it’s always good to switch things up every now and then.


Oleo Script Swash Caps

It’s a decorative font that keeps a chic persona. It’s classic, demure, and a little vintage, which is the correct formula for leaving a strong presence in social media. Sometimes it’s best that you keep things composed so that your audience can take a second and interiorize your design.


Nanum Pen Script

Who said pen pals are old-fashioned? Nanum Pen Script begs to differ. It’s a sans serif font that speaks directly to your inner child and who doesn’t love being childish from time to time? It’s a fun, sincere, and sharp font that can work its magic at the right time.

These are only a couple of cool fonts that might inspire you to try different styles in accordance with your social media design. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and try different fonts until you find your perfect match.


All the Cool Fonts You Want, at Your Favorite New Design Studio

Artboard Studio is a browser-based graphic design tool that offers a rich library of mockups, images, and cool fonts that can help you to take your social media design to the best of your efforts. If you’re willing to fine-tune your designs with exquisite fonts, Artboard Studio’s variety of fonts can definitely take you there.  And, if you’re kind of a person that likes to create his unique, personal cool fonts, that’s even better because Artboard Studio’s font generator allows you to create any type of font that can fit perfectly with your designs.

What’s best about Artboard Studio is that it’s a cloud-based tool, so you don’t have to download and install any software to enjoy its rich content. By creating a free account and browsing through our webpage, you can immediately start designing your social media posts with a great variety of cool fonts.

So don’t take your time any longer and take your designs to a higher level with Artboard Studio! Sign up to Artboard Studio now for free, and see how easy things can become in the design world.

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