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2022 Graphic Design Trends That’ll Inspire Your Next Project

Graphic design trends come and go, but if they’re strong enough, they always come back. 2022 is no exception—here are the most popular graphic design trends for 2022.

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Graphic Design Trends for 2022: Welcome to the Cyber-Retro Age

Graphic design, like pretty much every other design branch, is an ever-evolving area. The better part is, we’re in an age where the line between art and design is getting in an even more vague formation. With the latest NFT craze, graphic design trends have taken a new turn, and it’s safe to say that 2022 is going to be a lot more exciting for graphic designers who want to test their boundaries.

Of course, there are countless graphic design trends that are shaping the design world, but as a design studio provider that’s aiming for a more convenient and seamless future of graphic design, we picked some of our top 2022 graphic design trends that we think we’ll be seeing a lot more.


Minimalism is here to stay, but on a bolder state

For almost half a century, minimalism has been one of the core ideas in the design world, whether we’re talking about industrial design, architecture or graphic design. The reason is clear: less is more, even in 2022. But for a couple of years, we’ve been witnessing minimalistic design taking a new turn, and in 2022, we’re going to be talking about bolder colors, higher contrast, and retro-futurism in the minimalistic approach.

Source: Aleksandar Savic on Dribbble1


2D meets 3D

As 3D graphic design is becoming more and more accessible, it’s attracting more designers to create multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional works. Especially with the NFT boom, we are seeing a huge trend towards 3D graphic design, and lately, designers are mashing the new way of design with the conventional to create eye-appealing designs.

Source: Mattey on Dribbble2


As well as offering a browser-based design tool, we’re always adding new mockup templates to the library of Artboard Studio. Since 3D graphic design is becoming more mainstream, we’re adding new 3D, animated mockups to offer designers a shortcut to the new trend in graphic design.


Disrupted typography

Typography is an area where designers can spend hours to please their eyes, and after years of simplicity, a new and fun era is about to begin for typography. Bring out those crazy typography designs from your hidden portfolio, because it’s getting more disrupted than ever. So, in your next design, don’t hold yourself back from tinkering with those crazy fonts you have, and don’t limit yourself to one font per design. Wanna discover hundreds of fonts that’ll quench your thirst, try Artboard Studio for free to see your limits on typography. Here are some of the typography trends for your eyes.

Source: Greg Christman on Dribbble3


Source: Joe Mitchell on Dribbble4


Source: Mag Lewis on Dribbble5


The booming social media trend: Animations

As the attention span of social media users is becoming shorter and shorter, video and animations are becoming more important in social media post design. In 2022, we’ll be seeing more animated posts on Instagram, for even the most basic posts.

Thankfully, the latest social media graphic design trend doesn’t have to be too challenging to keep up with. Today, it’s easier than ever to animate a design, and with Artboard Studio’s latest features, it only takes a couple of clicks. See how you can create promotional social media animations quickly with Artboard Studio below.



Popping colors are back

After a decade of a soft color-dominated graphic design scene, we've been witnessing the return of bold colors that steal the eye. With the retro-futurism trend, the psychedelic visual trend has been making a comeback, especially if we’re talking about social media, UI, or ad visuals. Of course, it’s all about the brand identity in the end, but these days, there is no harm with going neon and popping on your color palettes.

Source: Dash on Dribbble6


Art Deco meets the new age

2022 is full of comebacks, but with a twist. And the famous ‘20s-style design trend Art Deco is one of the favorites. For a couple of years, you may have been witnessing Art Deco-inspired typography in many places. This year, it’s going all the way across every element. You can find great inspirations from the pre-Bauhaus era to find your new, Art Deco-inspired tone—Just don’t mix the ‘20s with the ‘90s yet.

Source: Emrich Office on Dribbble7


Join Artboard Studio to always stay connected

Talking about graphic design trends always makes you think of the future, and here at Artboard Studio, we imagine the future of graphic design to be more accessible for everyone. So, we developed Artboard Studio to work on any desktop browser. That means it works across every desktop operating system, without any additional software installation. The times that you used to worry about storage, processors, and devices will eventually come to an end, and we’re proud to be a part of building the cloud-based future of graphic design.

With our browser-based design studio, you can always stay connected and improve your designs no matter where you are. And the best part is, it’s all in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a device or a hard drive with you. Sign up to Artboard Studio for free to see how we made it so easy for everyone to design on the go.



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