Earn 25% commission on each recurring payment from your affiliate sales

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How can I start earning money?


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Generate a unique link, share it on your website, social media or email lists and start earning 25% on each referral recurring payments as long as they are active subscribers on Artboard Studio.


Are those numbers for real?

Yes, you will earn 25% of every payment (monthly or yearly) your referrals make on Artboard Studio, as long as your referrals maintain an active subscription on Artboard Studio. If they cancel, you will stop getting commissions from the canceled referral.

How and when do I receive my money?

First make sure your bank allows international money transfers. We will wire transfer your money directly to your IBAN, once your earnings are more than 100USD. Payouts will be done 15th of the following month (net 15). More payout channels will be added soon.

How do you track subscriptions that are coming from my link?

We use cookies to store the information of the referrals, these cookies will expire in 45 days, meaning that your referral must make a purchase 45 days after the last time they visited Artboard Studio via your unique link.

Are there any country restrictions?

No, as long as you can receive money internationally you can be part of our affiliate program.

How do I track my earnings and clicks?

Upon sign up we will create a dashboard for you where you can track all of the statistics about your referrals, including your earnings, clicks, conversions, geo-locations etc.

I don't have a website, can I still use your program?

You need to share your unique link somewhere online, it can be your social media pages, such as FaceBook, Instagram, Slack, Messenger etc. or your YouTube channel.

If you have more questions, please contact us.

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